It’s only polite that I say a bit about me before I start my blog posts / ramblings.

The year after finishing university is very uncertain for some, a load of unanswered questions about life. In this year I managed to :   

– Stay living in a city I loved with housemates I adored, achievement one.

– I also quit a job for the first time, achievement two.

– I found a boy who could tolerate my craziness, achievement three.

– I also found a job that I really enjoyed and was quite good at, achievement four.

– I lived on my own with a girl I never spoke to and managed to avoid any awkward form of communication, achievement five.

And after all this over-achieving I decided to pack my bags and leave the country for a year.

My boyfriend and I both found it difficult to find jobs in the same city in England and so we decided to go to Australia and see what was over there.

So I started this blog so I can remember amazing things that we have done and the different obstacles we have faced along the way.

If you’re reading this I hope that you enjoy it !

The Mouse.

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