One night in Bangkok.

If I had to re-live one night in Bangkok…

  Most people tend to say that a couple of nights in Bangkok is more than enough and I agree if you’re hitting Khao San Road every night (which I did when I was 20 and on a girls trip). It’s an experience all in itself, buckets of alcohol, cockroaches both alive and dead, and a lot of tourists up for a good time.

  However this time I am at the grand old age of 22 and travelling the world with my other half, Jack, and even though we both do love the ‘sesh’ we absolutely adore eating out, especially when sushi is involved…

  My months of saving up and dreaming of returning to this glorious city were spent scrolling through Instagram posts tagged in Bangkok. Now, most pictures of sushi catch my eye, but this one in particular stood out by miles and from then on it was my mission to get us to eat there. After screen-shotting its location at multiple zoom points, via Google Maps, we headed on our way. Our taxi driver didn’t recognise the name of the restaurant but we showed him the pictures of the surrounding streets and headed that way. We jumped out when we thought we were close and hungrily walked the bustling streets.

  It took much longer than anticipated, all we knew was the dot on our screens and that it was a on a rooftop so it must be a tall building. After a quick pit-stop for wifi to find our bearings and a Chang to quench our thirst, we found Above Eleven. Located around the back of a hotel through a car park it was easily missed and surely wouldn’t get much passing trade, I was so grateful for stumbling across that Instagram post. We walked through a doorway and there stood an elevator surrounded by vines and plants, we pushed the button and waited suspiciously. After a moment we were joined by a Canadian man and his Thai wife, they reassured us that we were in the right place. Soon after the doors opened and we stepped inside a darkened, mirrored elevator and hit the top floor.

  We followed the couple out and already through the long window that guided you around to the restaurant you could see fragments of the glistening Bangkok skyline. Instantly I felt the glamour and effortless cool of Above Eleven, frosty orange lights lit up the island bar with people sat around admiring their cocktails being made. We were led up a small staircase and to a high table looking out over the skyline, not even a window to spoil the view. As we looked down we could see the lower level, a glass ceiling allowed us to watch the bar and patrons underneath.

  Onto the food, I had not heard of the Peruvian cuisine before but I definitely have now, this style is mixed together with Japanese cuisine in Peru called ‘Nikkei’ which has existed in Peru for over 120 years since the first major wave of Japanese immigration to Peru. This has certainly bumped Peru up a few places on my travel bucket list.

After drooling over the menu we finally came to a decision, we went for :

img_9730-2Above Roll

Salmon, Cucumber, Tobiko, Spicy Miso

Spider Roll 

Crunchy Soft Shell Crab, Tobiko, Teriyaki Sauce

Sky Eel

Unagi, Avocado, Tobiko, Crispy Flakes, Spicy Miso

Seabass Sashimi

Salmon Maki

Oh lord, it was so tasty. I don’t think I will ever get over how good it actually was. Apologies for the low quality photograph of the food, I was simply too excited to concentrate! The Eel was definitely my favourite, despite hearing Ross from Friends convincing me it’s a form of karate constantly. We were so stuffed by the end of it all. We each entered our inevitable food coma, swilling a beer and spinning our heads to the house / techno tunes played by the live DJ.

  Being our first night in Bangkok we didn’t care too much for the price, or have our heads around the exchange to GBP as of yet, so we happily payed and waddled to the closest taxi in need of a lie down. The total price came to around 2220THB, which at this time translates to £50 inc drinks. Which is an absolute bargain in my eyes. Skyline views of Bangkok, yummy unique food, amazing service and great music. Oh and there’s a hedge maze to get the toilets! Not the most complicated so don’t worry if you’re bursting.

  All in all if I had one night to relive in Bangkok, it would be this one over and over again. So I feel obliged to share it as if it wasn’t for that Instagram post we probably wouldn’t have stumbled upon it.

Above Eleven, above expectations and above excellence.

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