Chapel St Bazaar.

Chapel St Bazaar is a never ending trinket treasure-trove that would blow Ariels mind.

There are so many things to see on Chapel St, that the Bazaar is easy to walk past and not notice – or maybe we are unobservant. So for anyone else who has their head in the clouds, here is a post telling you to go to Chapel St Bazaar!

The Bazaar is located on Chapel St near the Town Hall, what makes it a tad tricky is that it’s situated in a gallery of shops but once you know what you’re looking for I’m sure you’ll have no trouble.

As you walk through the gallery towards the Bazaar windows stretch to showcase the wonders that lie in the Bazaar! We gazed through the window at vintage film cameras, and that was our cue to explore more. They have everything you can think of from every era, books, clothes, paintings, antiques and much more! It would be great for someone who is decorating their home or if you want a quirky souvenir of a unique experience.

Before we knew it we had been in the enchanting bazaar for hours! We unfortunately didn’t purchase anything this time but there are a pair of sunglasses I most definitely will return for. Here are pictures of some things that we saw.


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