The Spirit of Halls Gap.

An unexpected gem in our Halls Gap experience was the local Indian restaurant ‘The Spirit of Punjab’. After a long day of walking trails, waterfalls and kangaroo spotting we were not in the mood to fire up our camping stove. The Spirit of Punjab was number one on a list of recommended eateries given to us by our campsite. During our time in Australia we haven’t had a good Indian takeaway, so we thought we ought to give this one a try. Situated on the main road that runs through Halls Gap, the Spirit of Punjab is easy to get to and offers a variety of yummy dishes to choose from.

Surrounding the restaurants are different life-size statues displaying different aspects and activities from Indian culture. And ones of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, just because.We rang up and booked a table and managed to get a window seat, I would advise on doing so as we saw a kangaroo hopping along as we waited for our starters!

We started with a portion of Onion Bhaji and Tandoori Chicken wings, my mouth actually drooled typing this. For mains we got a Butter Chicken, and asked for it spicy with Saffron Rice and a Garlic Naan. The curry was really creamy with tender chicken, and the naan bread had mince garlic on top which gave a rich flavour. I couldn’t fault anything, except that the portion size of the curry could’ve been a bit bigger. But then again, I could just be being greedy. All the main curries are $17.50, our rice was $6.50, naan $2.50, onion bahji’s $8 and chicken wings $10. The meal all together came just short of $45 for the two of us which was great value for money.


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