Silo Art Trail – Victoria, Australia.

Whilst searching for farm work around Victoria, we stumbled upon these magnificent works of art. I was amazed by the innovative and creative way of appreciating the heritage of the local areas. We were making our way from the Grampians National Park to Mildura, and the Silo Art Trail was more or less on the way.

Here is a simple useful map of the trail – We only saw the Silo Art at Sheep Hills, Brim and Patchewollock as the others were incomplete at this time. Do check @siloarttrail on Instagram to see which Silo’s have been completed before you make the journey. It also has information about all the super talented international artists, plus other artwork they have done in the area and beyond!

DSC_3668DSC_3674– Sheep Hills

DSC_3682DSC_3680– Brim

DSC_3687DSC_3692DSC_3694– Patchewollock

Utterly gobsmacked at the sheer time, effort and detail that has gone into the silo art we did take a wrong turn straight after Patchewollock. This lead to a bumpy road full of stones that added a good hour onto our journey, so please take care when driving between the silos. However we were greeted by two kangaroos who hopped along side us whilst the sun set!


It was a truly inspiring experience and definitely an essential part to your itinerary whilst road tripping around Victoria!

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