Exploring a lovely little village called Daylesford.

At the beginning of our farm work we stayed in a village called Daylesford for a few weeks. It’s located about half an hour north of Ballarat and is full of independent eateries and quirky shops, not to mention the AMAZING mill markets. (There are ‘The Amazing Mill Markets’ in Ballarat also). A lot of backpackers do their farm work in Ballarat, and Daylesford could be easily missed, so here’s a post to encourage you to go!

We stayed at Jubilee Lake Caravan Park, it’s just out of the centre of the village and its main residents include kangaroos, peacocks, wombats and plenty of other wildlife. We were lucky enough to wake up one morning to a hot air balloon setting off on the green, right outside our camper!

Food wise, head to Daylesford Bakery for one of their yummy focaccia’s – we didn’t know how to pronounce this at all, the poor Aussie woman had no idea what was coming out of our mouths. They’re all named after local areas, my favourite is the ‘Wombat Hill’ made up of – salami, olives, pesto, sundried tomatoes, capsicum and mozzarella. At only $9.50 it’s filled to the brim and so tasty. Then head over the road to The Pastry King, obviously for pastries and anything dessert wise. Simply sublime.

So here are some pictures which sum up our time in these lovely places!



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